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What Do Parents Say About Covenant Life School?

Often the best way to find out about a school is to talk to a parent. We have sprinkled encouraging quotes from parents throughout our website, but below is a collection of perspectives that tell you about the impact Covenant Life School has on families.

Below are some written comments from grateful parents. 

Graduates Maintain Faith

"We enrolled two of our children several years ago. One has since graduated and received scholarship offers from prominent secular colleges and universities, but chose to attend a highly regarded Christian college. Our teenager's decision to continue to support faith and education in adulthood, in our opinion, would have been born from years of faith-strengthening support received daily at Covenant Life School."

Life-long Friendships

"The relationships my child has made at CLS have shaped who she is. These are relationships that she will carry for the rest of her life."

The Best School Environment

"We are grateful for the way CLS has provided not only a strong continuing academic and college preparatory environment, but we are also grateful for teachers who genuinely care about the students, help them with individual weaknesses, and provide interesting and stimulating environments. We feel this has been the best environment for our son during this season."

Former Home School Student Loves CLS

Our homeschooled daughter was craving exactly what CLS offers. She needed an "every day" social structure with healthy friends and Christian coaches/mentors. Because she is extremely extroverted and bright, she was becoming scattered and depressed even though we were involved in programs several days a week. She now has focus in her studies, enjoys learning (and doing homework!), and loves her school. It is wonderful to see her happy and laughing every day, and to know that she is in an environment with folks who share our faith and dedication to our Lord in her life.

Teachers Dedicated to Student Success

"I would recommend CLS to another family strictly for the way the staff has the child's best interest at heart. The staff at this school is THE MOST dedicated that I have experienced thus far. They go the extra mile to assist in the achievement and success of their students."

Faith in Action

"Our children thrive in the environment you have established over time. Their growth spiritually has been most profound in their ability to address others with grace (because that has been modeled) and to seek repentance when they fall short (since it is a safe place to do so)."

Connecting God to Young Students

"I consider that being enrolled at Covenant Life School has helped my child realize how God is an ever-present, everyday part of our lives, involved in every aspect of our concerns and interests, even those of young children."

Spiritually Strong for Middle School

"CLS is both academically and spiritually strong. My middle school son is forming relationships with fellow students and with his teachers, whom he respects, who share the same Christian values."

Spiritual Formation is Distinctive

"The integrated focus on biblical worldview as central to spiritual formation is part of what makes Covenant Life School so special and unique."

Individualized Attention

"Coming from a public school was a big transition for my son. He is becoming a young man who is walking in God's path, and he enjoys the fact that he is in a smaller setting and known by many, as opposed to being a face in the crowd. The individualized attention he has gotten at CLS has surpassed our expectations. My son learns differently from other students. The teachers not only welcomed that, but they also learned new ways to help him and make the course content more interesting for him. Bottom line: the staff CARES, genuinely."

Biblical Principles Taught

"All schools teach math, science and other subjects. CLS not only teaches those subjects better with star-quality teachers, but CLS teaches biblical principles and a Christ-centered life."

Students Directed on a Godly Path

"My child is almost old enough to obtain a work permit. He approached me with an impression on his heart that he needed to get a job so that he can save money to help sponsor someone to attend CLS. He feels so convicted that he has printed out the forms and talked to two potential employers and is waiting until his birthday to turn in the forms. To hear how my son feels so strongly about this impression, how it has made him feel - to recognize what he is being called to do - is largely due to the godly examples and instruction of the CLS teachers. It is such a gift to our children to be able to attend a school where they are exposed to a godly community of individuals who love our children and who desire to guide our children not only through the rigorous academics, but more importantly, to lead them down a godly path for life."

The Impact of Bible Lessons

"I am so excited to see how God works in the teachings of my son, even though he is in first grade. Many times his weekly Bible verses have impacted our family as a whole to step back and see life in God's perspective."

Welcoming Environment for New Students

"Both of my children are new to the school and have been welcomed with open arms by their classmates, faculty and staff. This has been a huge blessing to us as a family."

Students Feel Loved

"I would characterize my son as shy, and he has been through a lot of change in the two year previous, but from day one he has felt loved and at home at CLS."

Christian Community

"Initially my daughters resisted, feeling they wanted the freedoms of public school.  Eventually though, they came to love the close-knit community of friendships they enjoy with their Christian classmates and teachers."

High Quality of Learning

"Covenant Life School provides a high quality Christian education where all learning has the ability to draw a student closer to God."

Well-rounded Education

"CLS provides a well-rounded education with a biblical worldview, in a comfortable community atmosphere."

Moral Education in a Changing World

"We appreciate most importantly the biblical and moral aspects of having a Christian education for our children in a society that is quickly brushing those crucial things aside."