Computer Curriculum Statement

Man, as a person created in God's image, has been given the privilege and responsibility to explore and learn about God's creation, and to use and develop it for his glory (Gen 1:28).  Computer technology has become a critical tool in all aspects of society, including education, commerce, government and scientific inquiry and application.  It is a tool that God has given man to use in his calling to take dominion and steward the earth.  We want students to recognize and appreciate the potential for new uses of computer technology in the future, but also recognize its limitations.  Computers are tools, but they are not the answer to man's problems.

Through direct instruction and as active participants, students of Covenant Life School will be introduced to basic skills with computers and a variety of applications, and will develop those skills to become competent in their use in school, the workplace and their personal lives.  The elementary and middle school grades will focus on the instruction and development of skills in keyboarding, MS Word processing, internet research, introduction to PowerPoint and Excel spreadsheets and file management.  The high school grades should offer broader options including photo editing, audio editing, video editing, design software, desktop publishing, and programming, and will be priorities in the continued development of computer instruction.  Our goal is to provide the opportunity for students with particular interests and the aptitude to pursue more advanced software applications and programming skills.

The computer lab and core competencies will function as a supplement and adjunct to regular classroom studies.  Computer skills should be used for classroom projects, and the classroom should provide substance for developing and becoming competent in computer skills. 

Students at Covenant Life School will be instructed how to conduct themselves appropriately in a lawful and God honoring manner when using computers, and how to safely engage internet usage.