Elementary School

Students coming to Covenant Life School for the first time and entering the elementary grades are usually being introduced into a learning environment that is significantly different from their previous experience.  As a Christian day school we offer a structured learning environment with distinctive practices, values, expectations and an extension of church community life. 

Children progress through predictable stages of development in the same order, but not at the same rate,
 and thus the elementary program strives to accommodate individual differences in maturity and rate of development.  Our curriculum stresses reading and language development, math calculation and number sense, biblical truth and its application, and an introduction to concepts in science and history.  We introduce and develop foundational skills that equip young students to grow spiritually, cognitively, socially and physically, while preparing them for more independent and rigorous work in middle school.

Read our entire Elementary Philosophy Statement.


Early Childhood Reading

We are frequently asked about our reading program in Kindergarten, and we think our Early Childhood Reading Statement and Continuum of Reading Skills will inform parents and answer your questions. 


The Impact of Bible Lessons

"I am so excited to see how God works in the teachings of my son, even though he is in first grade. Many times his weekly Bible verses have impacted our family as a whole to step back and see life in God's perspective." CLS Parent of a 1st Grader