Middle School

Middle school marks the beginning of adolescence - the period of growth between childhood and adulthood.In this season students begin an exciting and at times awkward journey toward maturity. They experience unique and rapid changes in themselves and others - physical, intellectual, social and spiritual.  We view these changes not as disruptions in our school but as opportunities for students, parents and teachers to trust God's sovereignty over this transition (Proverbs 3:5-6) and acknowledge that young adolescents are fearfully and wonderfully made in God's image (Genesis 1:27; Psalm 139:14). Understanding these developments and crafting instruction with these changes in mind is vital. Therefore, we provide opportunities for physical movement throughout the school day and employ various teaching methods in class that encourage active learning. Middle school is also a season of cognitive transition. As students enter middle school with concrete thinking skills, we provide direct experience with ideas through hands-on activities and resources. As students grow in abstract reasoning skills, they will begin to systematically evaluate and analyze ideas.

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Middle School Chapel

Every year there is a spiritual theme for the Middle School, which is used to shape the teachings and experiences on retreats and in chapels with an emphasis on age-appropriate implications for middle school students. 


Middle School Retreats

Middle School Retreats are a lot of fun and spiritual highlights for the students. They provide a chance to break away from the normal school day to pursue God and build school community.  The fall retreat is comprised of two day-trips in October.  The winter retreat will be held in late January. Students cultivate an outward focus, solve problems in teams, and play together.  Parents are encouraged to attend!  

Christian Community

"Initially my daughters resisted, feeling they wanted the freedoms of public school.  Eventually though, they came to love the close-knit community of friendships they enjoy with their Christian classmates and teachers." CLS Parent of Middle School Students


Middle School Curriculum

Grade 6

Grade 7

Grade 8

Old Testament 1

Old Testament 2

New Testament

World Geography

World History

US History

Intro to Science

Life Science

Physical Science

Math 6

Math 7

Algebra ½ or Algebra 1

Language Arts

Language Arts

Spanish 1A

Language Arts

Spanish 1B

Study Skills

Study Skills

Study Skills

Physical Education

Physical Education

Physical Education

Choir or Band

Choir or Band

Choir or Band

Middle School Electives Vary per Semester:  Art, Computer, Creative Writing, Drama, Journalism, Keyboarding, Robotics, Stock Market