Music Philosophy Statement

God is the creator of music. We see his splendor reflected in the beauty and harmony of his creation, his design in the order and structure of music, and his creativity in the diversity of songs, voices and instruments. The Lord himself rejoices over his people with singing (Zephaniah 3:17), and Scripture calls us to sing praises to God (Psalm 147:1 and praise him with musical instruments (Psalm 150).

The Covenant LIfe School music program enables students to develop the God-given abilities of singing, playing and writing music as well as cultivating an appreciation for the various genres of music. At various times throughout the year, students perform before an audience. Rather than focusing on self-promotion through performance, we train students to be skilled in music for the purpose of glorifying the Lord (1 Chronicles 25:7).

Through a variety of age-appropriate teaching methods, we teach basic music literacy, exposing students to multiple musical genres. Beginning in elementary we expose students to both classical and Christian composers, beginning music theory, and choral singing. Staring in 2nd grade instrumental music is introduced, including strings, percussion and wind instruments. These skills are progressively refined and added to throughout the middle and high school years.

God has given music to our students as a gift to not only develop but also to enjoy. While music is an excellent tool for teaching discipline and expanding the mind, we encourage each student to enrich their daily lives by taking skills and practices learning in class and applying them outside of class. This helps students to faithfully steward and seek out gifts from the Lord and bring glory to God through them.