School Levels

We  administrate our school by school levels, Preschool, Elementary, Middle School and High School.  Each school level has distinctive features to its classroom environment, curriculum, and school experience, with highlights listed below.  Click on the school level you are interested in to learn more.


  • Introduces the structure and fun of an educational environment nurturing the joy of inquiry
  • Bible stories, introduction to phonics and math concepts, creative play
  • Developing foundational skills for future learning and classroom success

Elementary School

  • Self-contained classrooms
  • Solid development of a learning foundation
  • Hands-on, activity-based curriculum, literature-based reading program

Middle School

  • Designed for the changes of adolescence
  • Developing the learner
  • Preparation for high school

High School

Teachers Dedicated to Student Success

"I would recommend CLS to another family strictly for the way the staff has the child's best interest at heart. The staff at this school is THE MOST dedicated that I have experienced thus far. They go the extra mile to assist in the achievement and success of their students." CLS Parent

Love and Encouragement from Classmates

Our oldest son struggled in his previous school. He is brilliant academically but was mercilessly teased and humiliated for being "different" in that way. From the moment we began at Covenant Life School, we have experienced nothing but love and encouragement from everyone we've come in contact with - including the students! Our son now has other children in his class who share his love of learning and he has absolutely flourished this year. Both of our children feel accepted and valued at this school and we see it as nothing less than a gift from the Lord.  CLS Parent