Resource Room

Resource Program

Students accepted into the Resource Program will meet with Resource staff 1-4 times per week.  These sessions address the particular areas of concern for the student, including assistance in the following areas:
- homework
- academic coaching
- Student Support Plans
Once a student becomes part of the Resource Program, parents are encouraged to contact the Resource Director at any time with particular concerns that need to be addressed.  At all three levels - elementary, middle school, and high school - conferences may be conducted to meet with all teachers, parents, administrator, and Resource Director.
Student Support Plans
Student Support Plans (SSP) are drawn up by the Resource Director and shared with all appropriate teachers.  Accommodations include, but are not limited to, the following:
- extended testing time
- oral test-taking
- taking math tests with the use of a calculator
- assistance with organization
Parents of students with recognized learning disabilities, or those experience learning challenges, are encouraged to contact CLS and make an appointment with Bob Buchanan, the Resource Director.