Science Philosophy Statement

God created the physical world by his sovereign power and sustains it by his faithful immanent presence and activity.  God created man in his own image and likeness, with the ability to know and act, with a given responsibility to take dominion over the earth and all that lives on it (Genesis 1:26). Thus scientific investigation began the first day Adam stood on the earth, has continued unbroken until this day, and will continue to be part of man's experience and work for all eternity. The study of science enables man to continue to exercise dominion over the earth according to the original creation mandate

Our students study science against a cultural backdrop where science is viewed and taught apart from the knowledge of God. We seek to expose and help our students discern the lies (e.g., the origin of species through evolution) that pervade the sciences as they are commonly taught. We teach our students that the creation is a display of God's character and attributes (Romans 1:19-20), and that scientific investigation reveals these aspects of God's glory and character (Psalm 19:1-3). Students gain an understanding of God's perfections as they use their minds and engage in hands-on activities to discover the laws by which he governs his physical creation in its seen and unseen aspects. In earth science, students learn about the vast universe in which God has placed man and the amazing earth he has provided as the stage upon which man carries out God's will to glorify him. In biology, students learn about God's wisdom and providence in the design of organisms and their environments.In chemistry, our students explore God's awesome creativity in using a small number of basic building blocks to produce an amazing physical universe.In physics, students explore the physical laws which man uses to describe God's activity as he directs the universe.

In the elementary grades we introduce our students to the scientific method as a way to search for truth, along with foundational scientific concepts through hands-on, activity-based units. Students explore the physical creation through simple projects in biology, chemistry, physics, earth science, and health.The emphasis is on learning the grammar, the vocabulary and the basic concepts of science. In the middle school, we more thoroughly introduce students to the scientific method in a survey of the sciences (6th), followed by focused studies in life science (7th) and physical science (8th). The emphasis in middle school is on developing a deeper level of understanding and the ability to think scientifically and logically about the evidence they investigate. Middle school students are introduced to the science lab as a tool for scientific investigation. In high school, the students refine their lab skills and take in-depth courses in earth science (9th), biology (10th), chemistry (11th) and physics (12th). The emphasis is on students gaining deeper and more precise knowledge and applying that knowledge to new contexts, so that they can synthesize their knowledge and articulate scientific truth to others.

We strive to equip our students to scientifically understand the world around them and to give them an excellent foundation for further study. We teach our students to understand that there are limitations to understanding the universe scientifically, but that there have been and will continue to be great scientific achievements.We hope our students will be motivated to consider science-related vocations as a way to fulfill God's purpose for man as stewards of creation. We cultivate in our students a biblical worldview through which the sciences should properly be seen, and we trust that they will be prepared to be clear-minded and articulate future scientists and citizens, poised to make an impact on our culture. 

Scripture teaches that creation reveals God's mastery over his universe from the deepest reaches of space to the smallest subatomic particle. Therefore, by teaching science, we position our students to be amazed by and better appreciate God's power, glory and sovereignty, which will lead them to deeper worship of God in spirit and truth.