Admissions ProceSS for K-12

The basic steps toward enrollment are as follows:

  1. Please Review our Admissions Standards - Make sure you qualify for enrollment.           Note: Membership in an Evangelical/Protestant church is the first requirement for admission to grades K-12.
  2. Online Application ($125 Online Application Fee - Non-Refundable) - Fill out the online application completely. The application for students entering 6th-12th grades requires the students to answer some questions.
  3. Supporting Documents/Forms ($400-per-family Enrollment Fee) - You will request some recommendations and questionnaires from your student's prior educators and your pastor. The Enrollment Fee must be paid before we will schedule Entrance Exams.  A portion of this fee may be refundable if the student does not eventually enroll.  
  4. Entrance Exams/Placement Tests -Students will take a test to help us verify academic eligibility and placement. 
  5. Interview - Parents (K-5) or parents with their students (6th-12th) will meet with the principal as the final formal step toward admissions.
  6. Acceptance ($500 Tuition Deposit Due) - Upon a successful interview, the student is admitted and added to the roster. A $500 tuition deposit secures enrollment and is credited toward your following year's tuition.

Notes on Fees: The Online Application Fee is not refundable. The Enrollment Fee is refundable less $25 before Entrance Exams, or less $100 after Entrance Exams. The Tuition Deposit is forfeited if a student is withdrawn from the roster after the deadline in late March.

Click here to review our Admissions Standards; be sure you qualify for enrollment.

A Safe Place to Grow Spiritually

"We have three children at Covenant Life School. We so appreciate the teacher's investing in our children, with smaller classrooms and really getting to know our children. The academics are strong, the spiritual formation is build into the every day in the classroom. The children are comfortable talking about God, and other spiritual aspects of life. So grateful that my children have the freedom to learn about, and worship God in the classroom." CLS Parent

"Our children thrive in the environment you have established over time. Their growth spiritually has been most profound in their ability to address others with grace (because that has been modeled) and to seek repentance when they fall short (since it is a safe place to do so)." CLS Parent