Covenant Life School was originally commissioned by the pastors of Covenant Life to help church members with the spiritual formation and training of their children in the context of the academic setting provided by the school.  Enrollment has been extended to Christian families who share the values and biblical priorities of our school community.  Because of the school's emphasis on character training and spiritual formation, enrollment in grades K-12 is reserved for those students who desire to grow in Christ.  Knowing that the quality and effectiveness of a school's ministry is directly affected by the character and commitment of its parents and student body, we have identified specific criteria to guide our student admission decisions.  

  1. Local church membership.  Parents must be members in good standing of a local Evangelical Christian church.  For our Catholic friends, please read this statement.
  2. Consistent values.  Parents and students must be committed to abiding by and demonstrating values that are consistent with those of Covenant Life School. Click here to read about our values and Statement of Faith.
  3. Parents effectively serving in their God-given role as parents.  Because God has given parents, not teachers, primary responsibility for training their children, the parents commitment and ability to function properly in their roles is a factor in admission decisions.
  4. An evident desire to know and follow Christ.  We are overjoyed when a student responds to the gospel, and we look for growing evidence of faithful obedience to God and his ways.
  5. A willingness to receive instruction.  We look for students to respect authority and to receive correction humbly from peers and adults, as the discipline of the Lord.
  6. A positive influence on others.  The student's potential impact on his/her classmates will be a very significant factor.  Our desire to serve each family must be balanced by a passion to preserve the spiritual integrity of each classroom.
  7. The composition of the student's class.  Admissions decisions will be made with the strengths and weaknesses of the entire class in mind.
  8. Participation in Youth Ministry.  Different churches structure the ministry to youth in a variety of ways.  Students of Covenant Life School are expected to willingly embrace and participate in all means of spiritual growth provided by their local church.
  9. A realistic expectation of academic success.  The student's academic history must show a willingness to work at all classroom assignments, and student performance on entrance exams must demonstrate the basic skills necessary to succeed in the school's academic program.

The above standards are stated as principles which will be applied with discretion based on the student's age.  We expect students to demonstrate increasing maturity and faithfulness to these standards as they grow older. 

A Strong Christian Community

"My child attends Covenant Life School in Gaithersburg, MD. I've never experienced such a wonderful sense of community before. The teachers and staff really care for each child and are committed to their success. I volunteer at the school and find that God blesses me every time I serve. I can't imagine my child getting his education anywhere else! CLS is the best!" CLS Parent


Spiritual Formation is Distinctive

"The integrated focus on biblical worldview as central to spiritual formation is part of what makes Covenant Life School so special and unique." CLS Parent