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Why Does CLS Ask For Financial Support Beyond Tuition?

We know that Christian education makes an amazing difference in the long term well-being of children. Studies show that when Christian school students graduate, they incorporate their faith into their family lives; they give significantly more volunteer time than their peers to community causes; they seek careers based on calling, and therefore find more satisfaction; and they strongly believe that religion should be included in the public discourse on the pressing issues of our time. Christian school graduates are changing the world. 

But not everyone can make that choice.  Year after year, we hear from families who wish their children could be in a spiritually-focused classroom environment like this, but who are unable to afford our tuition – and CLS tuition is 50% lower than the average Montgomery County private high school. It is our mission to keep tuition low so we can serve more families with private Christian education. 

So why should you contribute to CLS, even if your family is paying tuition, or has paid tuition for an alumni in the past?  What does tuition cover? Tuition covers 88% of the funds necessary for us to educate a child.  Over 80% of that income goes straight to salaries and benefits.  The CLS administration has worked hard to reduce overhead costs, increase teachers’ salaries, and provide a competitive and growing educational program.  We truly run the school on as lean a budget as possible.  To remain accessible to more families, we keep tuition lower than the actual cost of a student’s education, and we rely on the generosity of school families and community members to cover the gap with extra funding.  Without donated support every year, it would be impossible for the school to continue making the improvements and changes that continue to take us to the next level.

Please consider how you can help our cause: to keep Christian education affordable and accessible to more families in this region.  Use the menu bar at the right to learn about the many ways you can support CLS throughout the year.