Student Life


Covenant Life School’s Senior Class

Christ and Culture Seminar

Friday, March 31 & Monday, April 3rd 2017


“You are the salt of the earth…You are the light of the world.”
Matthew 5:13-14
“We need great music, great literature, great theatre, great art, depicting not only the specific truths of the Gospel, but even the ‘common revelation’ truths concerning moral virtues and values.” –Tim Keller
In a period of study called the Christ and Culture Seminar, CLS seniors will in essence, have a working vision of their years of Christian education laid out before them. They will be challenged to use their gifts and callings to penetrate and influence their culture for Christ, to bring the Christian worldview into the public square. Past presentations have been on business, science & research, public policy, law, journalism, medicine, the arts, etc.  The seniors will also engage in critical issues of the day as a part of a roundtable discussion with students from Sandy Spring Friends School. Finally, students will be asked to reflect and consider how the seminar’s activities can be personally applied to them and their future.
“If Christians were serious…They would crowd into journalism schools, film institutes, and graduate programs. Local churches…would lay hands on them and send them into the fray…they would support them with prayer and patronage.”  Gene Edward Veith