Student Life



High school students may supplement their academic curriculum with a number of club activities. Each club is formed with the express goal of supporting the values of the school.

Art Club

Promotes a love for art; uses artistic gifts to enhance the school atmosphere. Criteria for involvement: artistic interest and gifting, eagerness to serve.

Chapel Worship Band

Leads student worship during weekly chapel.  Criteria for involvement: musical gifting, godly character, zeal for worship.  Audition is required.

Drama Club

Creates and performs skits for school functions during the year.  Criteria for involvement: dramatic gifting, godly character.

Literary Journal

Edits and publishes a collection of student's artistic work and creative writing.  Criteria for involvement: creative gifting, eagerness to serve.

National Honor Society

Supports the school's mission to educate students to think biblically and live passionately for Christ. Criteria for selection: nomination by faculty on the basis of grade point average, character, leadership and service.  Only Juniors and Seniors are eligible. 

Student Council

Leads the student body in service and spiritual growth; voices student concerns to the school administration; initiates student activities; operates student snack bar.  Criteria for involvement: godly character, election by student body or appointment by the principal.

Student Newspaper - The Growl

Publishes a period newspaper containing news and feature articles for the edification and entertainment of the student body.  Criteria for involvement: computer skills or journalistic gifting, eagerness to serve.


The yearbook club produces an annual yearbook capturing photographic and written highlights of the school year.  Criteria for involvement: journalistic or photographic gifting, eagerness to serve.