safety comes first in the morning!

Drivers must be alert for safety when dropping students off in the morning. Leave home early enough to arrive at school with sufficient time for students to be in their classrooms before the tardy bell (8:00 for Middle and High School, 8:10 for K-5).

        The loop is the safest drop-off place.                                                         Never stop along curb to drop off!


Parents may drop students off in the designated and supervised Kiss & Drop area of lower parking lot, 2A. No parking in Kiss & Drop area until after 8:10.


Preschool parents should park in lot 1C, straight across from the school entrance. Use the cross walks to bring your children to the preschool classroom and to take them back to your car after class.


after school dismissal procedures

Dismissal time is 3:05. Half Day Kindergarten is dismissed at 12:00.