K-5th Grade Grandparents Day on February 17th

This annual tradition is a favorite for Elementary students and their families! We have been pleasantly surprised to see grandparents traveling thousands of miles to join us, so we try to provide a day that is a blessing for everyone. Students who do not have grandparents that are able to attend are encouraged to invite a parent or special family friend to join them.



11:30-11:50  Welcome and Sign In

12:00-12:35  Lunch with students - Order lunches below 

12:55-2:00    Grandparents Day Program in the Edwards Room

2:00-3:00      Science Displays and Book Fair. Grandparents may leave with students before regular dismissal at 3:00.


PLEASE REGISTER by clicking the appropriate button below. Registering allows us to reserve a seat at the table with your grandchildren.

Adults will have a simple salad bar available in addition to some hot and cold beverages .

Orders must be placed by Monday, February 13th.