Student Life


It is all about the students!

The mission of Covenant Life School is about students. Teachers and administrators seek specialized training and dedicate their lives to the mission, parents make financial sacrifices and volunteer their time, and friends believe in the vision and help in a variety of ways. ~ Why? The students!

Student life at Covenant Life School is all-encompassing. It grows out of the kind of godly people they have as teachers, the character and spiritual qualities of their classmates, the variety experiences they have through extra-curricular activities, sports teams, special events and programs, performances, bonfires, coffee houses, prayer groups, chapel, leadership opportunities, missions class, cross-cultural experiences, signature events, field days, and the friendships they develop and enjoy every day. Our students experience the benefits of an overtly Christ-centered environment during the one activity that takes more time than anything else in their lives, school.  This area of our website briefly touches on several of the elements that contribute to student life.