Student Life


The Senior Experience - An Appropriate Culmination!

The senior year culminates the high school career of academic, spiritual and character growth and development. We focus intentionally on utilizing the senior year to help students benefit from the tremendous growth opportunities built into the senior experience.








Breakfasts and Accountability - Students meet together to encourage and pray for each other.  The high school principal meets with the young men to guide their growth as leaders.

Christ and Culture Week - After the mid-term exams, the seniors meet with a variety of Christian professionals who demonstrate how to make an impact in the market place as Christians. For more information, click here.

Senior Trip - This mid-year trip is spiritually and relationally focused, as seniors and parents enjoy time together in recreation, and in times of prayer, worship and encouraging one another.  The students benefit for the rest of the year from the bonding that takes place during this trip.

Senior Thesis - This major culminating project involves a major paper, as students reflect on what they have learned throughout their high school career, take into consideration feedback gained on evaluations by parents, peers and teachers, and set goals for the future.  The project also includes an oral defense of their paper before faculty and parents.

Senior Chapel - The seniors plan a chapel in May to encourage underclass students from the lessons they have learned as maturing Christians.

Jr / Sr Debate - This final formal debate of the year between the Juniors and Seniors is a popular competition.

Senior Week - While underclass students take final exams, the seniors enjoy several final activities together, including a dinner they put on to honor their parents.

Graduation - This once-in-a-lifetime experience is deeply personal and an intimately shared experience with their classmates, family and friends. The unique achievements of each senior are celebrated, the collective class reflects on their cherished memories, and the faculty takes advantage of yet one more opportunity to point out evidence of God's grace in each one.